Random Fact

The name Da Xiao Jie comes from a title used to address daughters of people who are rich or of high status. This is similar to the way one might use “young miss” for a high ranking official’s daughter in English, though the group’s name is officially translated as Big Small Sister. Tsunku stated the Japanese equivalent of this name is Ojousama (お嬢さま).

  • Members

    Da Xiao Jie has 2 current members.
  • Singles

    Da Xiao Jie hasn't released any singles.
  • Albums

    Follow Me
    1 edition

Current Members

  • Frances フランシス
  • Aiko 愛子

Albums 3

  • 3rd
    Follow Me Follow Me
    1 edition
  • 2nd
    Jia Jiayou! Da Xiao Jie 加加油!大小姐
    1 edition
  • 1st
    Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie 我是大小姐
    2 editions